Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lost Lovable Lewis

I want to take a minute to talk about Lewis. Unfortunately, the pictures we have of Lewis didn't turn out to be so good. They don't represent the sweet, charming, talented boy that he is and all the potential that he has if he could get the love and attention that he so needs. Lewis is smart--he jumped right into reciting poems and songs that he knows when he met us. He told us about his desire to be adopted and he alluded to his unhappiness at being in the orphanage. Clearly, Lewis is thought highly of, as he was chosen to perform in the holiday performance that the orphanage put together. Very few children were included, as you can see. Lewis is special and he has the potential to shine. But Lewis knows that he will be stigmatized in China and he won't have the opportunities he needs to succeed in life. He won't have a family to love him unconditionally and be there for him when he graduates from high school, college, gets married and has children. Where will he spend the holidays? Family is so important in China, I just can't imagine living life without family. Lewis is not immediately aging out--he doesn't turn 13 until this spring. But he desperately wants a family more than anything. He wants to go to school and learn. You can't REALLY see Lewis from the pictures we took, but I'll post one anyway. He's the tallest orphan holding the hands of the younger ones in the front row. Isn't that sweet?

We don't want to push older child adoption on everyone, as it is not appropriate for every family. Ultimately what we want are happy families and successful adoptions. But we do believe that every child has a family out there somewhere, it's just a matter of finding them in time. We have to connect that red thread! Will you help us spread the word about Lewis? Share this blog with your friends, family, anyone you know who might be a good family for Lewis, who could love a boy like Lewis. Will you help: Click the cool box below if you will help spread the word!

Below is an article written by Love Without Boundaries about why older child adoption from China is so important. If you have doubts about it, read the article:

LWB Older Child Adoption

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