Friday, September 3, 2010

Chrissy and Mark

Chrissy and Mark both have families pursuing them as of November 2010!!!!

My last post about Chrissy brought a whole host of interest in her, so hopefully one of those families is meant to be hers! I must say, I'm shocked that my posts about Mark and Cherry haven't brought more interest. There was a family that wanted to pursue Mark, but they were then unable to. This family saw how smart, talented, sweet and sensitive Mark is--if you want a cuddly, sweet boy, this is your boy! I've been contacted by several people who have adopted children with hydrocephalus and their children are happy and thriving. It's not as scary as it sounds. On that note, I think Mark and Chrissy would probably do well together. They're both complete sweethearts and seem to have complementary personalities.

You may have noticed that ASIA has been assigned several special focus children to our individual waiting child list. We've now got young girls for people to consider. In my heart, I'm hoping that some of those people wanting young girls will consider some of our boys as well. We have so many great kids that aren't getting much interest. Cherry, Mark, Anna, Jimmy, Henry and Peter were all part of the Lion dance and one other dance and they each showed tremendous talent and potential. I've been contacted by people that adopted children from Bao an and their kids were friends with Cherry and Peter! These kids have seen their friends get adopted, yet they still wait. It breaks my heart! We are the voices of the children and these children need families. There is an entry on the Love Without Boundaries blog that states eloquently why these older children need families:

So what would you like to hear about these kids? What would make the difference in helping them find their families?

(Chrissy now has a family pursuing her...9/21/10)

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