Friday, September 24, 2010

Fabulous Fabian

I was just talking with someone who recently visited with Fabian. It turns out his English name at school is Peter and he likes to be called that. He's pretty shy in big groups, but is personable one on one. He seems to have a sadness about him. He admits that he really wants a family. He told this to both our agency and the other person that was visiting with him. He wants a mother and father to love him. He seems to long for unconditional love and I have to believe that there is a family out there who can provide this for him. Fabian is a smart boy, but I get the impression that he doesn't try very hard because he has accepted his lot in life where he is, which doesn't offer him much opportunity. He was able to solve some very difficult math problems immediately, so clearly he is bright. Perhaps with some parental encouragement and motivation Fabian could reach his full potential. He loves to play soccer and is good at it! That's definitely a strength that should be encouraged. Fabian is a mature boy, perhaps wiser than his years. Surely there is a family that would relish in bringing love and success into this child's life? Is there a soccer coach out there that wants a boy to teach his skill to? A stay at home mom who would like to home school a bright child? He is an incredible flower waiting to blossom! In fact, that's what Fabian drew for us, a flower still blossoming.

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