Thursday, September 9, 2010


Fabian is the oldest boy in our Hope Journey program. He did seem the most mature of the bunch. He likes to play with other kids his age and there weren't many of those in our program. He seemed shy in the larger group, but was more outgoing and personable in the interview.
During the interview he was quite responsive and spoke about his desire to have a family and even siblings. When we asked if he could have any thing in the world, what would it be? He said that he wanted "to have a family to love, parents to play with me and help me with school." He understands adoption and very much wants a forever family. He feels comfortable going to the U.S. for adoption. Fabian likes to draw, read and tell stories. He especially likes comic books. He is in 4th grade and his favorite subject is Chinese.

Fabian played the same curcurbit flute that Harold did at the event. Although he didn't actively play with the younger kids, you can see him here enjoying the limbo:

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