Friday, September 10, 2010

We Are the Voices of the Children

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every child had a mother or father to kiss them goodnight? A sibling to play with on the playground? A grandparent to read them books on the couch? This is our wish for all the waiting children in our adoption programs. If finding families for these waiting children also holds a place in your heart, we could use your help.

We are looking for volunteers who would be willing to be adoption advocates in their local community to increase the awareness of our efforts to place these terrific kids in permanent, loving homes. This could be done by hosting an informational meeting about intercountry adoption at a local library, manning a table about adoption awareness at a community event or setting up a display on a church bulletin board (or other ideas you may have). We will be happy to provide you with a packet of promotional materials and some ideas on how to get started…you just need to bring your passion and dedication to helping these kids.

There’s a great quote by Edgar Allen, the founder of Easter Seals, which says “Your life and mine should not be valued by what we take…but by what we give.” Your efforts can make a real difference in the lives of these children. If you are interested in giving of yourself to help create families for children that have none, please contact Marci Siegel-Kittrell at or Joy Drechsler at or (503) 224-1860.

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