Monday, September 13, 2010

Why Family?

Some families adopting older children start to have doubts when the process gets difficult about removing an older child from everything they know. They ask me, "Why do you work so hard to find these children families?" Why? Because I know if these children are left without families, they will never know the love and security that a family provides. They will never be held in the arms of someone who loves them unconditionally and forever. They will never be fully accepted for who they are in society. They may not get medical care that they desperately need. If they are lucky enough to get the medical care they need, they may have to go through that painful experience alone. They will face a life of difficulty as an orphan in a society that looks upon orphans as unlucky. They will be left with few opportunities, even though they may have so much potential. Few orphans get the chance to pursue their dreams. Instead, they have to take whatever job they are able to get, if they can get one.

When holidays roll around and everyone else goes home to their family, they are likely left to themselves, or if they are lucky, they may be allowed to go back to their orphanage. Is there anyone left there that they know? I don't want anyone to have to feel that sadness.

Why do I feel so strongly about family? For all of the reasons above and because I have known the love of family and I have met and seen the orphans. I have seen the look in their eyes that tells me how much they truly need a family. I have been through things in life that I'm not sure I would have been able to get through without the love and security of family. I also have felt loss. My mom works with homeless people who only months or years ago were executives with successful businesses and now, without family are left to the streets. This can happen to anyone who doesn't have the security of loving family. Imagine being an scary would life's challenges be? For all of those reasons and more I know that these children truly need families. Are you one of these families?

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