Saturday, July 25, 2009

4 New Children

CCAA added 4 new children to the program from Shenzhen SWI. They are Michael, John, Jane and Arnie. Here is the little bit of information Sandra and Fei have sent about them so far:

Jane is living in a foster home right now. She is a second grade student. Because she didn’t have a good start at early age, she has a hard time to catch up in school. Her Chinese is her best subject and her handwriting is very nice. Her math is not good. She likes to join all the after school programs, and help out to clean the classroom after school. She is good at sports, especially running, and always receives the award. At home, she helps out with the house work. For example, wipes the floor and wipes the table. She makes her bed herself every morning.

John, male, is almost nine years old. He is a fourth grade student. He is healthy. He has a very good heart, is calm, optimistic, hard working, never gives up and is an energetic boy. His grades have been improving because he works hard on them. He is good at sports, especially running. He loves to draw and he has a good imagination.

Clarke, male, he is 13. He is a fifth grade student. He is strong and healthy. He is kind, forgiving and always puts others first. He is good at Chinese chess. He is a thoughtful boy.

Michael is 9 years old. He is a third grade student. He has a limb deformity, but he never looks down on himself. He has a positive attitude. He is quiet, calm, has his own opinion and is thoughtful. He studies hard and has very good grades. He got A’s for his Chinese, math, English and moral education.

We'll continue to post as more pictures and information come in...stay tuned!

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