Friday, July 31, 2009

Lily--this girl has charisma!

I actually haven't received any information yet about Lily from Fei and Sandra, although I'm quite certain that they will have plenty for me come Monday. However, this girl has stolen my heart, so I had to mention her here-- NO ONE is viewing her file yet! Lily is a 9 year old healthy girl and she is in more pictures than any other child! I noticed her right off the bat when I started going through the pictures. She's strikingly beautiful and you can just tell she has charisma--she's smiling in most of the pictures and just having a grand ole' time:-) You can tell that she laughs and plays a lot and is quite outgoing. I'm sure a family that adopts her would spend a lot of time laughing. I tried to find a picture that didn't show her face, but the best I could do that I can post here on the blog is a picture of the art that she did at the event:

If you would like to view the information we have on Lily so far, please contact me:

P.S. after talking a little with Fei, I was right--Lily is very outgoing! She gets along well with both children and adults. Fei did note that she had a little bit of an attitude; she was looking through Fei's folder and Fei asked her to stop, and she didn't when asked the first time. Fei also noted that she seemed to be a very good artist.

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  1. I've also been following since the beginning. How do you make a decision? these children are all so beautiful. Lily and Gina have taken my heart. Does anyone else think they look like sisters?