Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We call Clarke “Mr. Muscle”. You can tell how he got this name by looking at his body building performance. He and I had a little muscle competition on the stage; there is no doubt he is a winner. I had so much fun showing off my biceps too. I couldn’t find any teenage boy attitude in him. He is very kind, polite and na├»ve. I asked him “Would you like to be adopted by American family?” He nodded at least 10 times with a smile… After answering all of my questions, I asked him “do you have any questions for me?” He said “no”. But I know he does, he is such a curious boy. I insisted, I told him “I asked you so many questions, and it’s not fair that you don’t have one for me.” He finally said “What kind of cars people drive in US?”
Like every Chinese child who loves sports, Clarke’s idol is Yao Ming! One more thing, Clarke insisted that he can beat me in Chinese chess. I wish I could have had more time to prove he is right.

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