Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Children!!!

We will post brief summaries on our Hope's Journey children here just as soon as we get their referral information translated. Sandra and Fei leave shortly for China to meet all of these wonderful children.

We will be posting pictures and summaries on our password-protected website either Friday or Monday. We will send out notification to all those who have inquired. If you would like to receive the new password to view the available children, please fill out the "Special Needs Pre-Qualification" form found on this blog and e-mail it to Marci (

KACEY, male, age 4, left limb cerebral palsy
Kacey is a very polite boy who gets along well with his foster family and neighbors. He often says “HI” to other people. When he is really happy he sings and dances. Kacey is also a bit of a curious boy and often asks “why?” about things. He speaks clearly, knows his name, his neighbor’s names and his friends names. He enjoys running and playing games with other children and likes playing with toy cars and toy guns. Because of muscle weakness in his left hand, he can only pick up light objects with that hand, for instance he cannot hold up a 250ml box of milk. He can eat and drink by himself.

JILLIAN, female, age 10, Hepatitis B
Jillian is in first grade, and has average grades despite her learning ability being slower than other children. She studies hard and is willing to learn; always making her homework her first priority before playing. She loves being involved in a variety of out-of-class activities, especially jump rope and playing house. Jillian’s personality is outgoing, even though she can be a little shy. She is not very talkative, but she always has a smile on her face. She lives with a foster family.

FRANCES, female, age 4, alpha thalassemia
Frances’ foster parents have taught her to draw circles and straight lines. She can tell people her name and age; she knows her colors and can recognize and name different objects. She is able to dress and undress herself and put her socks and shoes on and off. She knows all of the body parts, can say 3-5 word sentences such as “time to eat”, “go out”, etc. She likes playing with her baby doll. She always plays with other children in the neighborhood. Frances is an outgoing girl, but appears shy in front of strangers.

FELICE, female, age 10, healthy
Felice is a hard-working second grader. Her memorization ability is not very good – it takes her longer than other children her to recite the same lesson. But she is determined to learn, keeps trying never gives up. As a result of this effort, her grades continue to improve. She knows the directions of left and right, and enjoys coloring, especially people. She also likes playing badminton and rope jumping with her friends. Felice is willing to share her emotions with her foster parents, friend and her teachers; however she does shy away when meeting strangers. Most of the time Felice is a very passionate child with good manners. Under the patient care of her foster family she has good self-care skills and is also helpful with household chores. Her foster family and her teachers love her very much.

FOSTER, male, age 3, osteogenesis imperfecta
Foster attends the Half the Sky Little Sister’s preschool and lives with a foster family. Although his steps are not very stable, he can climb up and down stairs by holding the handrail and is able to run slowly. He can feed himself, wash his face and brush teeth. He also cleans up his own toys. If he needs to go to the bathroom he will tell an adult, and he will need some assistance. He is a quiet and lovely boy who doesn’t talk much when he is mad – he needs encouragement and attention to help him when he is frustrated. Foster speaks 2-3 word phrases, like “Hello, auntie” or “Hello, teacher”.

PENELOPE, female, age 6, healthy
Penelope is a shy girl living with a foster family. She seldom talks in front of adults. When she sees strangers she often hides behind her foster mom. She attends the nearby school for kindergarten; the school work is not difficult for her. When she speaks, her pronunciation is not very clear. She does enjoy playing with other children. She can take care of her daily basics, for example, feeding herself, dressing herself, and putting on socks and shoes. She needs her foster mom’s help to wash hand, face and take bath.

LILY, female, age 9, healthy
Lily is currently living in a foster family that has provided excellent care for Lily. She enjoys dressing herself beautifully. She is in the first grade and is doing average in school, although sometimes her words are not very clear. She sometimes shows some shyness and will not say HI to people initially. She is beginning to like wearing her school uniform and is learning to get along with her classmates. Her self-care skills are improving and she is helping do some household chores like cleaning the floor, cleaning her desk and folding her own quilt.

ARCHIE, male, age 11, Congenital Heart Disease (repaired)
Archie had surgery to replace the mitral valve in July 2006. His surgery was successful and he has recovered very well. He is living with his foster family now. He is in the 2nd grade at the elementary school where he studies hard and learns well in school, as evidenced by his good grades. He walks to school which is 2000 meters away from his home. He loves sports and is always helping the teachers to keep the classroom neat. He is extroverted and loves to help others. He is a very sensitive little boy, who thinks a lot and is worried a lot. He needs a family that will give him positive encouragement and attention.

BEATRICE, female, age 8, repaired heart condition
Beatrice had surgery for precava and arteriae Pulmonalis dextra in July 2007. She has recovered well. She lives in a foster family now, and attends a preschool for kindergarten education. She knows how to write simple words, and knows how to do simple addition and subtraction. She can manage her own daily activities, and also help teachers and foster parents with simple tasks. Beatrice is an outgoing, happy, extroverted girl. She understands adult’s implied meaning.

SPRING, female, age 8, healthy
Spring currently lives with a foster family. She is a first grader in school and is a hard-working student. Her comprehensive skills are very strong and she receives good grades at school. She is good at sports too; she won the competition in the field short distant running category No. 1 in school. Spring is quiet, a clever girl and a little shy, especially when she meets a stranger. She likes to listen to music and sing songs. At home, she is very independent, can manage her own daily living activities, and also helps her foster parents to do the house chores. She gets along well with house members and neighbors. At school, she respects teachers. She is a good team player and always praised by the teachers.

MISTY, female, age 8, healthy
Misty is a first grader living in in a foster family. She is a hard-working student. Her comprehensive ability is average and her grades are average. She can recite poems, can do addition and subtraction up to 10. She can manage her own daily activities such as taking a shower, folding her own quilt, and folding her own clothes. She understands direction of left and right. She is not only getting along well with her family members and neighbors, but also helping other younger children or children who are behind to accomplish their tasks. At school, she respects teachers and classmates. Her teachers and her foster parents love her very much. She is very active and energetic, she loves watching cartoons and playing with dolls. She is a very lovely and outgoing girl.

RUTH, female, age 11, facial scar and Hep B
Ruth currently lives with a foster family where she is very helpful to her foster mom. She is a second grader who studies and works hard. She enjoys helping others and is very nice to others. Because of her scar, the boy classmates always tease her, but she has very good attitude about it and thanks to her positive self-esteem she doesn't let it bother her. She is independent and thoughtful. She can take care of herself, and organize her life very well, for example she keeps her room clean and her books organized.

GINA, female, age 13, frontalsinusitis and sphenoidalsinusitis
Gina is lives with a foster family. She is in the 3rd grade of the elementary school. She is a good and quiet student who studies hard. She can recite the English alphabet and 7 to 8 poems. She knows addition and subtraction up to 1000, and knows units digit multiplication. She likes to read books and is always wanting to learn more. She often helps the younger kids with their homework. Gina is a nice, sweet and independent girl and gets along well with others. She is learning how to ride a bike and enjoys playing with dolls.

SHIRLEY, female, age 10, Hepatitis B
Shirley is in the 3rd grade of the elementary school, is very smart and active with good grades. She has been awarded best student prize three years in a row. She loves to read books; as long as she has time after school she will read as many books as she can. She is also a librarian at the school. She is the best flute player in her class. She is very independent, can take a shower, wash clothes, clean the floor, etc. She is a quiet girl who respects the elders and loves the younger children, and enjoys helping others. Her foster parents and teachers always praise her.

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  1. We adopted a 4-yr-old girl in April who has the same diagnosis as Kacey. I'm happy to talk to anyone who is interested in Kacey about what our daughter has needed. She is doing GREAT and her SN is extremely manageable. Her CP also affects her same-side leg a little bit, but almost unnoticeable. You can contact me via