Monday, July 13, 2009

Words of Wisdom

In honor of our new Hope's Journey program, we are collecting "Words of Wisdom" from parents who have adopted older children from China. We have received such a tremendous response to requests for pictures, that we would like to go a little further with it. These "Words of Wisdom" can be anything you learned along the way that you felt was valuable, anything you wish you had known or things you think other parents should know before they adopt an older child. Please send your responses to: ASIA would like to post the responses on this blog, so please be sure to write whether you give permission for us to post your words. They can be anonymous, or not. That will be up to the responder. Please keep your responses to a paragraph or less, if possible. Adopting older children may not be for everyone, so we would like to make sure that those who do it are prepared. Thanks so much for your support of ASIA and the waiting children.

P.S. We will try to make our completed presentation available to those who have contributed and would like copies.

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