Thursday, July 23, 2009

Change of Plans Due to Swine Flu

Suddenly government officials in China are very concerned about the increasing outbreak of the Swine Flu in Guangzhou. All Hope's Journey Projects were ordered to be canceled! However, ASIA is managing to do our event today--Friday in China! Sandra is already settled into the Hotel where the event will take place and is quickly preparing the last remaining goodies for the children. Susan Song was able to change her flight from Beijing and also arrived at the hotel yesterday evening. The event is scheduled to start at noon today (Friday in China). Please see the packed schedule below for details.

7;30 – 8:30 breakfast
9 – prepare the room, test equipment, organize activities
Noon – Children arrive and we all have lunch together
1:30 – Opening ceremony – 10 minutes!
1:45 – ASIA power point
2:15 self introductions and talent show
3:30 –We’ll do some warm up games
3:45 – Start interviews with youngest and do art projects intermixed with games
6 – 7 dinner
7 - ?? Continue with interviews, games, etc

7:30 – 8:30 breakfast
Closing ceremony???
Children leave

On another note, apparently CCAA has added 4 children and taken away 2 of the ones we were assigned for a total of 30 kids. Sandra has had a brief dialogue with the officials, who all seem very nice and a bit stressed from the last minute changes. Hopefully the program will go off without a hitch--think good thoughts! More to come as the information and pictures filter in from China:-)

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  1. Oh , that swine flu!!!!!! But I am so glad you will still get to meet and interact with the children. I hope all involved have some fun and make good memories.