Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Words of Wisdom

ASIA is still collecting Words of Wisdom from families who have adopted older children. If you have a contribution, please email it to:

Words of Wisdom IV:
Our story began 5 years ago when I decided to adopt my now 15 year old daughter, who was described on ASIA’s Waiting Children list as “a very intelligent leader of children” who had repaired hip dysplacia. Because my younger daughter also had hip dysplacia, I thought it was a sign … the red thread. And maybe it was, although for different reasons than I thought. Long story short, today my daughter is beginning to speak conversational English although she frequently misunderstands what is being said, rides a bike, qualified for Developmental Disabilities services due to cerebral palsy, and is learning to play the piano. It seems she has moved through grieving the loss of her Chinese foster mom and has finally figured out that she has a family here who loves her no matter what. Her long process of adjustment and attachment has included many episodes of PTSD outbursts but she is making progress in learning to regulate her emotions. And she now feels safe enough to choose a trip back to China with her Mandarin immersion class. I read a story once about how a butterfly must stay in the cocoon long enough to develop strong wings. If it emerges too soon, it will not survive. My butterfly has taken a long time but, little by little, is starting to emerge.

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