Thursday, July 30, 2009


Shirley is a lovely 10 1/2 Year old and she stole everyone’s heart. Even the children were especially attentive to her when she did her introduction and talent. She sang a Chinese song 'a capella' and on pitch – the children swayed and kept quiet rhythm. When she finished, she pulled out her simple wooden flute (like a recorder) and played a tune that I recognized but couldn’t place. She behaved so maturely and with such poise. I could just feel her gentleness. Wow! Any family would be greatly enriched to bring her into their life.


Shirley's file is currently available for review. Please contact Marci:

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  1. I've been following along since the start, but just have to chime in now. What an incredible opportunity not just for these children and their future families to find each other, but for ASIA staff to get this personal time with children in China's program! Thanks to all of you for putting tremendous effort into making Hope Journey a positive experience for the kids, and to getting their stories out to families who wait for children. I'll be following along.
    Joanna Agee